Why I need to care about what I’m creating — note to self

Dear Me,

I’ll be honest Louise, I feel like you’re in a bit of a slump at the moment. You haven’t made a Tableau Public viz in over a month and you haven’t written a blog in two weeks. For you, this is abnormal. While in training at the Data School, you were churning out vizzes about once a week and blog posts about twice a week. It’s been two weeks since DS11 graduated from the Data School and have been out helping clients. Maybe that’s why you haven’t made anything… Or maybe that’s what you’re telling yourself but in reality, you just can’t think of anything.

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How to Colour Scale a Map Using Set Actions!

I thought my Best of DS11 blog would be my final blog post on the Data School website but no, I have one quick blog post left. Set Actions. They’re new and exciting, right? Today at the Data School, Harry of DS11 taught us (and the coaches) set actions as he was assigned to teach the public this topic a few weeks ago. He has two blog posts on set actions which will delve much deeper than my blog post right now, check them out here and here. Andrew has also written one on proportional brushing here.

In this blog post, I will show you how to use set actions to change the colour scale of your filled maps depending on the locations you choose to lasso.

Let’s start!

Figure 1 below shows a map of Europe with sum of sales on colour (this is EU Superstore). The first step to creating this set action is to create a set. Right-click on ‘State’ which is every region or some sort of chunk within each country and click Create> Set. Select all the “states” and call the field ‘State Set’.

Fig 1. Starting map
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