It’s Official! First Day of the Data School

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The Data School. DS11. Day one of the next chapter of our lives! A mix of nerves and excitement meant I hardly slept the night before and unfortunately, I came down with a cold. Some paracetamol pills later, I was ringing the buzzer for the Information Lab at 25 Watling Street.

It’s official! I’m here at the Data School

My insomnia meant I was the first new DSer to arrive. After introductions with a bunch of friendly faces, DS11 sat down for a presentation about the Information Lab by the lovely Robin Kennedy. Later, the famous Andy Kriebel told us all about what we expect for the next four months. The most interesting takeaway? Take a guess at what the most common items bought with Coca Cola are.

The afternoon was spent with Paul Houghton, setting up our Dell XPSs and a million accounts on a million servers. Pro tip: bookmark every site! I forgot to do this and inevitably forgot the links we needed and had to go through my browser history.

Tomorrow, Alteryx training begins with sporting legend, Carl Allchin. I’m ready and eager!

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P.S. So so sorry to my fellow DS11s for my nonstop coughing! You were all so polite and patient with me.

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