Discovering Tableau

Hello all!

Welcome to my blog and my first ever post 🙂 Let me introduce my story so far…

I graduated from university with an engineering degree in July 2018 without a job lined up. I was now an adult in the real world without any source of income or a clear career path. As you can imagine, it was daunting. After applying to dozens of jobs, ranging from finance jobs to healthcare jobs, I was blessed to find an ad for a Trainee Data Consultant position at the Data School (part of the Information Lab).

Refreshingly, the Data School did not require a CV or cover letter (thank you!). Instead, download Tableau Public, a free visualisation software, and create something amazing. Now I was not expecting much from Tableau but surprisingly, it was so much fun!

Here is what I created for my initial application (see full viz here):


For those looking to apply to the Data School, feedback on your work will be provided before you officially submit your viz. Iteration is key!

After a video interview based on the viz above, I was invited to the final interview at the Data School office at 25 Watling Street in London. For the final 2 positions for the 11th Data School cohort (DS11), 23 prospective analysts were interviewed. Prior to the interview, all interviewees were given the same data set and asked to create another viz.

Here is my final interview viz (see full viz here):


A sleepless night and fidgety day later, I got the phone call. I made it! I will be joining DS11 as a Trainee Consulting Analyst in October and I cannot wait.

Thank you all for exploring my (currently empty) blog. Over the next few months of my training, I will post tips and tricks for Tableau and Alteryx regularly, as well as posts on careers and personal development. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions about the Data School application process or anything else mentioned in this post, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you!

Signing out for now,


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